Andy and Barbara Pace gave a wonderful program on the progress of Little Creek Lodge. Little Creek Lodge is an extended care recovery program with a minimum stay of 90 days for men ages 18 to 28. They provide the tools for long term recovery from chemical dependency both drug and alcohol. Their purpose is to guide residents into building a strong foundation, mentally, spiritually and physically to manage daily, sustainable recovery. This facility located on 191 in Hamlin has 16 beds. Their program provides three days of counseling and three days of adventure programs. They currently have about a 74% success rate. This is a private pay facility , no insurance accepted and takes clients from anywhere east of the Mississippi. All potential residents must be in rehab status medically cleared with no risk of detox and referred by a reputable agency such as licensed rehab.
It was a really interesting program for those that missed it.
Next week our outbound student for 2015-2016 will be attending our meeting. Please come out and show your support.